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what is wrong with regular soap?

Is your morning shower actually a hazardous chemical shower? It may be if you’re not choosing your body soaps carefully!

Regular soaps often contain chemicals in the form of artificial fragrance and colors. Soaps also commonly use one of a few active ingredients including trichlorocarbanalide and trichlorodiphenyl.

The EPA has registered trichlorocarbanalide and trichlorodiphenyl as pesticides, and they have a chemical structure is similar to many hazardous agents including dioxins, PCBs, and even Agent Orange!

Your skin is a protective mechanical barrier for your internal organs and muscles. It also excretes waste products and excess salts from your body through sweat and tears. Your skin is also meant to absorb substances that are good for you, like Vitamin D from the sun, or healing herbals, and essential oils. So of course, your skin can also absorb substances that are BAD for you!

When your skin absorbs harmful chemicals, their toxins can lodge into your cells, tissues, and muscles, and eventually overwhelm your entire immune system.

what is in KALILA KALILA soap?

Kalila Kalila soap is a premium soap made from all natural ingredients along with the core ingredient of Kutus Kutus Oil, it also contains Coconut oil and olive oil.

  • Pure coconut oil has various benefit for beauty. With its high protein contents, coconut oil is capable to stimulate hair growth, serve as natural skin moisturizer as well as lotion.

  • Olive oil is one of the best essential oils known for its low content of saturated fat. Olive oil also has high content of vitamin E, serving as antioxidants to prevent cancer, especially skin cancer.

  • Quality herbs spices. The high contents of spices make Kalila Kalila soap very comfortable to use. As you rub the soap to your body, you will feel warmth feeling; a different sensation with your previous bathing experience.


When used, the scent of spices blended with the sweet scented of other ingredients such as ylang-ylang flower produces relaxing aromatheraphy.
Other than its unique scent, this soap also produces warm sensantion of clove, another essential ingredient of the soap.
The refreshing clove scent is capable to recover you from fatigueness after a full day of outdoor activity,

Kalila kalila soap benefits

Other than to resolve minor skin problem, the kalila kalila soap is also useful for prevention of skin disorders and used as skin care. Use kalila kalila soap regularly to maintain healthy, smooth and clean skin. Compared to other soaps, many has noticed that the kalila kalila soap radiates stronger unique fragrant of spices.

Eventhough the ingredients are considered byproducts of Kutus Kutus, this soap also has amazing benefit to overcome various skin problem such as acné, dry and scaly skin, blisters, burns and bruises as wel as skin ulcers, itchiness, athlete’s foot, and heat rash. It is also good as an after-sun compound due to it’s anti-oxidant properties, and even has some UV prevention properties,meaning that you can also use it with your sunscreen before you go out.

The soap will refresh your skin and rinse all dirt, while the fresh aromatic scent will dissipate the body odour from sweat


Simply wet the skin lather the bar directly to the body. You will feel the “scrubbing sensation” of the soap due to the presence of the various herbs and spices. It has a natural exfoliating effect that will help remove dead skin. After you have finished washing thoroughly, rinse off with clean water.

The soap is not for ingestion but for external use only !! Use on your skin.

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